We make app deployments easy

The Ulap Data Platform is a cloud native solution that configures, integrates and secures everything needed to quickly deploy applications to your cloud.

Why make it difficult? Just use Ulap.
App Deployment

Seamlessly deploy all your apps...

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... on all your clouds.

The Ulap Data Platform enables users to connect directly to their cloud via code-free wizards that interact securely with each Cloud Provider API.

Deploy your apps minus the clutter.

The Ulap Data Platform is built on leading Cloud Security and DevSecOps practices that have been automated in each cluster and application deployed and managed by Ulap.

Teams that use Ulap are able to quickly deploy secure workspaces on any cloud so that they can quickly build and deploy data-driven application or AI/ML solutions.
Click Button Deployment

Click. Click. Deploy.

The Ulap Data Platform provides users with simple wizards to deploy Cloud-Native Resources and applications. The wizards enable users to deploy secure enterprise grade clusters without having to write any code or dependencies on DevOps resources.

Users now have the freedom to deploy resources so that can focus their time on building and deploying their applications.
Built-in Security

Security First Design

All Ulap Deployments are designed with Security as the foundation of each cluster. The Ulap deployment wizards deploy cloud resources in networks that are accessible by authorized users.

Ulap security enables teams to securely collaborate in team workspaces on any cluster deployed and managed by Ulap.
Click Button Deployment
Built In Security

Cloud-Native Scale

Ulap guides users through the deployment of a secure infrastructure that  has the optimal cloud capacity to meet dynamic user workloads. Ulap also gives users the ability to securely add additional capacity via wizards to support specific workload requirements.

Each application deployed via a Ulap workspace is given designated space, and more importantly enabled with the ability to automatically scale up or down based on resource consumption.
Built-in Collaboration

Secure Collaboration

Teams that use Ulap Data Platform can securely create workspaces across their clouds so that they can create and share data, process data with AI/ML enabled notebooks, or deploy Cloud-Native applications to build data driven applications and solutions.

Only users that are invited to the Ulap WorkSpace will have access to these resources. Teams can securely build and collaborate within their secure workspace deployed by Ulap.
Cloud-Native Autoscale

No Need to wait on DevOps, Ulap automates your deployments.