Our Story

We are pioneers of cloud and big data with deep expertise in Kubernetes and Cloud-Native application development, deployment, and operations. We created Ulap to enable users to quickly and securely deploy cloud based solutions without having to worry about the complexities of DevOps.

The Ulap Data Platform is designed 100% to enable Developers and Data Scientist.

Developer & Data Scientist Enablement

Our goal is to enable all organizations with the ability to leverage the benefits of cloud native capabilities without the complexities of of building and managing code to deploy and manage cloud infrastructure, data, and applications.

Developer Eperience

A single experience to automate the deployment of secure applications without having to understand the complexities of DevOps.

User Empowerment

Offers a growing portfolio of managed, open-source applications ready for deployment on a user’s cloud.

Application Flexibility

Quickly and easily create an environment to build, test, deploy, and operate cloud-native resources and applications.

Cloud-Native Scale

On-Demand access to massive scale and specialty resources, that can be quickly autoscaled up or down.

Cloud Native Expertise

The Ulap Data Platform is built on years of enterprise cloud deployment experience that was used to design and build automated  DevOps capabilities for each cloud provider and application supported. This enables users to quickly deploy new cloud resources and applications without having to write any DevOps Code.
As Cloud Native technologies continue to evolve, Ulap securely incorporates new features into The Ulap Data Platform. Organizations can leverage Ulap's cloud native expertise to ensure data and applications are efficiently and securely deployed to thier cloud.

Build, Deploy, Operate, and Collaborate all within the Ulap Data Platform