Automate  Cloud Deployments

Ulap is a Cloud-Native Data Platform that enables Developers and Data Scientists to effortlessly deploy and operate applications at scale.
Deploy Your Application. On All Your Clouds.

No DevOps. No Vendor Lock-In

Meet The Ulap Data Platform

Deploy and operate Cloud-Native infrastructure and applications via click button wizards... all within your cloud.
CloudSense Data Platform Diagram

Your Applications

Users are able to quickly deploy Cloud-Native Applications to secure workspaces via user guided wizards.


The Ulap Data Platform securely integrates with your cloud provider in order to deploy Cloud-Native resources and applications.

Your Cloud Providers

Ulap securely integrates with the leading cloud providers so that users can quickly deploy Cloud-Native resources for their applications.

Your engine for deploying any app, across any cloud, at any time

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Developer Experience

A single experience to automate the deployment of secure applications without having to understand the complexities of DevOps.

User Empowerment

Offers a growing portfolio of managed, open-source applications ready for deployment on a user’s cloud.

Application Flexibility

Quickly and easily create an environment to build, test, deploy, and operate cloud-native resources and applications.

Cloud-Native Scale

On-Demand access to massive scale and specialty resources, that can be quickly autoscaled up or down.

Click Button Deployment

Ulap provides users with simple code-free wizards to automatically deploy Cloud-Native infrastructure and applications based on DevOps and GitOps common practices.
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Click Button Deployment
Built In Security

Built-in Security

Ulap automates the deployment and configuration of a secure and private cloud network that is dedicated to the deployment and operation of user-driven applications.
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Each application requires different compute requirements to support various workloads.  Ulap automatically enables applications to scale up and down to meet workload requirements.
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Cloud-Native Autoscale
Built In Collaboration

Built-in Collaboration

The Ulap Developer experience enables Developers and Data Scientists to securely interact with team members via private workspaces and notebooks.
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